What are your Investment Goals?


Building Wealth and Income

Thru Real Estate Investment Partnerships

Where Is a Safe Investment That Offers a Good Return of Income?

  • In today’s low interest rate economy it is critical for Americans to create additional income and earn higher returns on their investments for retirement.
  • Traditional assets like stocks and bonds offer enormous risk at the present time. And we may be on the verge of another 2000 and 2008 collapse which have devastated retirement accounts in the past.
  • The Next Round of the Financial Crisis is at Our Doorstep.
  • 3 Things Worth Thinking About
  • Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50
  • The majority of our retirement assets are tied up in paper (stocks, bonds, and CDs) when tangible assets like gold and real estate might offer more safety and better returns.

Are you prepared for the next stock market crash?

  • The cold hard truth is that 90% of investorsare not prepared for the next stock market crash. The 2000 and 2009 collapses may have been a prelude to upcoming market turmoil.
  • The coming stock market crash is inevitable. Type in ‘Fed Stock Bubble’ into Google search engine to read any of the countless articles discussing this issue.
  • Most investors still believe bonds offer safety without realizing fixed income assets are set to collapse as soon as interest rates begin climbing back to historical averages.
  • For 15 years our country has been operating on very cheap money. That has destroyed the savings ability of average Americans.
  • Most do not realize that bank CDs, although offering more safety than other paper assets, are actually offering negative returns when adjusting for annual inflation.
  • When those rates begin to move higher, bond fund values with drop faster than the gained interest to each account. Translation: They are also very risky!
  • The vast majority of Americans under the age of 55 will not have the income required from their savings to retire without finding higher income opportunities.

So where do you find a reasonably safe place to earn a decent return in today’s market?

Real Estate is still the #1 way to create financial security in America.

The Benefits of Real Estate Partnerships

  • Real Estate Partnershipsinvest in ‘hard assets” which can offer more safety than the swings of the stock market.
  • In places like Florida house prices are still down over 25% from the 2006 peak and retirement buyers continue to move south.
  • Real Estate Partnerships can provide returns approaching 12-15% annually.
  • For those seeking guaranteed income, secured real estate loans offer3 to 4 times the returns a traditional bank CD pays out.
  • The equity in your home can even be used to turn your house into an income stream replacing the need for things like a Reverse Mortgage.

Real Estate Investment Risk Disclosures

Real Estate Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal. The value of real estate can fluctuate within the framework of the industry and risks include but are not limited to sudden negative economic factors, damage to the property from vandalism or weather, unexpected repairs, seasonality, closing costs, holding expenses, and other considerations .

Investors should consider Real Estate investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. JKR Investment Group Inc performs due diligence on every property to the best of their ability and manages processes designed to reduce certain risks described above. However, there are risks associated with real estate investing that are out of their control and should be considered prior to investing. We encourage every investor visit JKR Investment Group Inc’s investment headquarters before investing.

Who Are We

JKR Investment Group Inc is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the country.

Its Founder Jason K Roberts (link to JasonKRoberts.com) is considered one of the foremost real estate experts in the country, the same entrepreneur that built the national real estate networks www.SellMyHouse.com and www.AmericasBestRehabs.com

Our real estate partnership program gives everyday Americans access to the benefits of real estate investing without the headaches of rehabbing houses or owning rental property.

  • We have been investing in real estate for 25 years.
  • We have been involved in over 1000 transactions around the country since 2000.
  • We are the largest real estate rehabber in the ‘Foreclosure Capital’ of Florida.
  • Our current Investing Partners have earned over 12% annually for the last 3 years.
  • We consult some of the largest real estate organizations about their investment and foreclosure processes.
  • We are regular guests on the Mr. Credit Radio show on the ESPN network.
  • We host the Real Estate Real Money radio show discussing everything related to personal finance from the stock market to real estate investing. www.WNZF.com


  • Our Investment Partners are Passive Investors. That means you get all of the benefits of real estate investing without any of the headaches that go with it.
  • We have a significant track record of providing above average returns to our Investing Partners.
  • Due to the unique investment nature of our process, we are able to reduce much of the normal risk and minimize the market risk associated with real estate investing.
  • We don’t speculate on real estate. We use a value add approach and create real equity for our partners thru our rehab process.
  • Profits are paid at the completion of each deal, meaning our Investment Partners are getting income checks on a semi-annual basis or sooner.
  • This Program is for investors that have access to $100,000 either in cash, an investment account like an IRA or stock account, or equity in their personal residence.
  • We also offer a loan program for smaller investments that offers a quarterly income.